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Google Chrome user beware: Government has issued a warning. You may be the next victim of cyber fraud

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Today’s digital age has defined the society in a new way. With the advent of the Internet, many of our tasks have become easier. On the other hand, the world of cyber fraud has also grown in parallel with this. The rapid development of technology and the Internet in the past years. The number of cyber crimes has also increased at the same speed. Many such cases have come to the fore, where hackers have breached the data security of users and hacked their personal information. In this episode, the Government of India has issued a special warning for Google Chrome users. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in India issued the warning. In such a situation, if you use Google Chrome, then be careful. Let us know about this warning in detail –

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While issuing a warning, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team has said that a number of loopholes and vulnerabilities have come to the fore in the Google Chrome browser. In such a situation, any cyber criminal can breach your data security by using these loopholes. Remember! your data can be the next at risk.

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According to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, the reason behind these threats is the platforms that users often use on Google Chrome.

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If you want to avoid this threat, then you should immediately update Google Chrome to the new version. This new update of Google Chrome solves a total of 27 security issues. After updating Google Chrome, the risk of your personal data being breached will be almost negligible.

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