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Instagram Take A Break Feature: Continuing Instagram? The app itself will ask you to take a break, take a look

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Meta has launched its own social media platform Instagram with their new feature Take A Break. Nowadays, people cannot imagine life without social media and spend hours scrolling through them. Social media has had a profound effect on the lives of all of us. Besides being a major tool for spending your free time, social media has also become an integral part of the professional world too. That’s why Instagram has launched their new feature Take a Break. For this, Instagram has launched the ‘Break Zaroori Hai’ campaign since last November. Now if you keep using the social media for too long, the application will remind you about the same.

Do you spend a lot of time in Instagram?

Many people have no idea about how they lapse their time when it comes to using social media. Instagram is going to bring a new option Take a Break to remind the users while using social media continuously. This new feature will remind users to take a break. This ne option shall remind users at regular intervals. No just ordinary reminder, they will go full screen to grab your attention. Users will be able to schedule it according to their convenience. Users will be able to set reminders of 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes with this new feature. Currently, Instagram has launched this feature for users in countries like USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Rest of the world can expect this feature anytime in the near future.

Users have been given Importance

Keeping the wellbeing of users in mind, Instagram has developed this new feature. This will allow users to control the use of social media. A third-party expert group is deployed for the development of this feature. Instagram’s new option Take a Break has been first introduced for certain users. After the first step of testing, it will be gradually launched for all users of Instagram. This will allow users to set the time to their advantage. This new option allows you to set a maximum time of 30 minutes. This new option is being brought to give users a break from the continuous use of social media. The main goal of this new option is to make the users aware through reminders.

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