Edward Snowden warned smartphone owners about the danger of privacy

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Former US intelligence officer  Edward Snowden warned smartphone owners about the dangers of viewing their personal data by gadget companies, in particular Apple . According to Edward Snowden, now in the USA they are just launching a special technology. With this technology they will be able to search for information in the phone. But once Apple proves that it can see the contents of the files on the phone, it becomes a serious breach of privacy. At some point, the American corporation will “cross the barrier” and start looking for “politically inconvenient” and financial moments.

“And even if you trust Apple,  once Apple sets a precedent, once they do it to anyone,  they lose the right to say they’ll never use it.  Think Apple will be able to refuse the US government, the Russian government, the Chinese government , France or the UK ? Of course, the answer is no, “Snowden said, speaking at the New Knowledge marathon.
The former intelligence officer explained that now the corporation wants to search for illegal content on devices. They want this done even before this information is on their servers. Apple wraps it up in “beautiful stories about how it’s all for your own safety, to protect your data.”
“But there is a clear line between what is their property and what is yours,” he stressed.
Snowden noted that private companies are developing techniques to hack the phone and access its contents. This is although they “have nothing to do” in the personal data of smartphone owners. Subsequently, gadget makers intend to sell these technologies to other governments, he said.

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