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Android 13 Preview Revealed. presentation of Android 13 scheduled in the end of July

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The developer of the Android operating system Google has introduced a preliminary version of Android 13. So far, Developer Preview 1 is available only to developers.
The developer version is far from the release, but it also has innovations since Android 12. Among them are themes and privacy features and new language management tools.
It will be possible to share photos and videos with a separate application. those software does not need permission to view all the photos on the device. Apps will have permission to discover and connect to Wi-Fi hotspots without needing permission to locate the smartphone.
Enthusiasts can install the beta version with branded Pixel smartphones and that should appear in April. The presentation of Android 13 is scheduled for the end of July, and the release version will appear no earlier than September 2022.

What to expect in Android 13

Behavior Changes

Like earlier releases, Android 13 includes behavior changes that may affect your app. The following behavior changes apply exclusively to apps that are targeting Android 13 or higher. If your app is targeting Android 13 or higher, you should modify your app to support applicable behaviors properly

User Experience

Starting with Android 13, users can opt into themed app icons. App icons in supported Android launchers could be tinted by this feature. They will inherit the coloring of the user’s chosen wallpaper and other themes.

To support this feature, your app must provide a monochromatic app icon and point to it from the <adaptive-icon> element in the manifest. If a user has enabled the Themed icons toggle on their device, the system uses the coloring of the user’s chosen wallpaper and theme to determine the tint color, which it then applies to the monochromatic app icon.

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