Dry Brushing helps get smooth skin and improve blood circulation

Dry Brushing, A Process to get smooth skin and improve blood Circulation

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If you want to get smooth skin, then you need to try the dry brushing procedure also known as exfoliation. In this process you to reduce cellulite and improve blood circulation through the scrubbing procedure. Dry brushing gives you a smooth skin for real and improve blood circulation for you. Scientific experiments prove that dry brushing helps you get smooth skin and improve blood circulation to a certain extent.

What is dry brushing?

The process of dry brushing is a beauty ritual native to India. This is a practice practice that has been around for over 5,000 years.

“Dry brushing is when you take a bristled brush and literally brush your skin in upward strokes towards your head, ” says New Orleans dermatologist Mamina Turegano.

“Dry brushing is a form of mechanical exfoliation,” says Virginia dermatologist Lily Talakub.

The process is carried out on the whole body and on dry skin. This means no lotions, oils or water.

The friction between the brush and dry skin that occurs as the scrub moves will eventually remove dead skin cells. If you add liquid to the procedure, the friction will decrease, and therefore it is no longer dry cleaning.

Does dry brushing really give smooth skin?

The main benefit of this procedure is exfoliation, however, many practitioners of this procedure claim that it also improves blood circulation and gives smooth skin and reduces cellulite. Both Talakub and Turegano do not agree with this, as there are no reliable scientific studies that could confirm this.

Talakub explained that dry brushing can slightly improve the movement of the lymph and therefore break down the collagen bonds that are related to cellulite. However, that’s all.

“I believe that if you feel good and feel like it’s part of your regular skincare routine,” Turegano states, “if you brush the way you’re supposed to (several times a week and gentle pressure), then no harm. not in this practice.

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